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(posztok, cikkek, felvételek)

2020     NYESZE Konferencia (Sikeres aszinkrón tanítás lépésről lépésre)

            Winter Warmer Conference (Listening Lessons that Switch You On)

            IH Teachers Online Conference (When Live Teaching is Not an Option)

2019     IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference (Listening Lessons that Switch You On)

            Generali Speaking Day (Business Communication Skills)

            Creative Cafe Budapest (Using Technology in Teaching)

           Which English(es) to Teach?, IATEFL-Hungary Conference Selection, The Power of Now - 

            Teaching and Learning in the Present, []

2018     IH Brno Imagine Conference (Which English(es) to Teach?)
            IH Budapest Conference (Teaching When Nobody’s There)

            IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference (Staying Motivated)

2017    IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference (Which English(es) to Teach?)
2016    5th Globus Language School Conference (Felhőtlen tanítás)

          IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference (Going Beyond the Course Book)

2015    Globus Business Conference (Project work in business language teaching

            IATEFL BESIG Summer Symposium (Project Based Learning in the 21st century classroom)

            4th Globus Language School Conference (Writing is fun!)

2014    IATEFL Hungary Annual Conference (Technology in English Language Teaching         

Conference talks

Webinars for Cambridge University Press

Webinars for Euroexam International


Engaging and exciting homework tasks for Education Today 2021
NYESZE webináriumok és workshopok (HU)

In-person Conference workshops and presentations

  • Engage with Assessment (workshop), IATEFL Annal Conference, Belfast, May 2022

  • Hybrid teaching: a monster that can be tamed (workshop), IATEFL BESIG, Gdansk, November 2022

  • The online extension of face-to-face education in order to increase efficiency (talk), Current Challenges in Teaching Foreign Languages, Corvinus University Budapest, December 2022

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